Saturday, June 9, 2012

 ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce mr. ryan hamilton. ryan is a fucking diamond and i'd have to say that the shittiest thing about the summer of 2012 is that he landed an internship at some firm back east, and so he is not here to frolic with me. i took this snapshot halloween night. he made a newspaper hat for his costume. i dote over him like no other.

  and this is brett. when we get sauced and play jenga at his pad, he makes these beer bottle jenga towers. i love brett with the passion of ten stallions. really, our friendship is a blessing in my life.

 this is the hand of my one true love, tiffany. everyday, i wish on my lucky stars to hold it
  i think that's pretty bad parenting.

 and i think this is pretty bad land-lording.

 christina is the bff. and she is a role model to me because she does things like eating healthy, running marathons, and traveling the world. she is so gorgeous that i think it rubs off on me in our pictures so i end up looking more handsome. also, she's a harvard grad and so being her friend makes me more intelligent by default. i hit the jackpot when i found this lil nugget and ill never let her go. unfortunately, she lives 15 hours away by greyhound bus. life is so lame.

 law students left to right: thomas sunderland, moon yung kim, and ryan hamilton. thomas is from kansas city and he's in my fantasy baseball league (his team has weak pitching). he's also a ween fan which made me instantly like him. he plays music, smokes pot and he's going to make a great attorney one day. and his fiance is a total babe. moon is from south korea and she's just about the nicest woman in the world. she's also hilarious, has great style, and she was awarded best oralist for our appellate moot court competition last semester (which is fuckin rad because english is her second language). if she wasnt gay, i'd be all over this girl. and that's ryan on the right, i already told you about him.

 had a rare opportunity to watch a television that wasnt mounted above the bar the other day. tom waits on austin city limits - KQED. i scored.

 this is the house where i dwell. 

 this is travis, and that's half of melonie. there are a million ways in which i love these two. let's just say i will always be their friend. 

 this is me. dancing by myself at a bar. ive got my sunglasses on so you know i musta been pretty borracho (drunk en espanol). 

 this is one of the cats that lives in my house. her name is echo and she's so adorable that i want to bite her face off.

 melonie and i got drunk and watched walt disney's cartoon classic, bambi, on youtube the other night. we had a super cute time. "drip drip drop little april showers..."

 if youre from the bay area, you geek out when it snows.

 not my ride. minutes after this was taken we saw the pussy wagon owner emerge from the bar with a lady by his side. they hopped into the pussy wagon and drove off, presumably to have sex somewhere. i mean, if you go home with a guy who drives a pussy wagon, that's kind of implied.

 this is kate and her fiance, ed. they live in chicago and i only see them once every two years or so. they are to be married in august, which is proof that amazing people somehow find each other and fall in love. kate and i have been friends for nearly 10 years. every now and then, we have 5 hour drunken phone conversations - she is the only person in my life i can do that with. 

 this is mike pricer. he's a law student. this guy goes HARD at the bar. seriously, dude gets retarded drunk, but he's a joy to be around, drunk or sober. he's also in the fantasy baseball league but i think his team is in the cellar. 

 everyone loves the matador - i think it's awful and i feel old whenever i go there. so i just play b-ball all night and wreck top scores. swish bitches!

 im tucking shirts in now. it's my new look. i think it's appropriate because i'm now substantially into my 30's and untucked shirts just look so late 20's. 
 just when i was about to give up on portland's mexican food scene - i find this little slice of heaven. 5 de mayo - not the best taco ever but beats the shit out of every other portland taco ive had- plus it feels like home in there and i instantly miss san jose- and they serve authentic, no bullshit tacos. the lengua and asada were pretty good but the carnitas were weak sauce. buck 25 a pop though. cocacola in the bottle and all flavors of jaritos, too. SE 32nd and Johnson Creek if you find yourself in the deep southeast fiending for tacos.

 some video i took of brett's jenga tower erection

 lately we've been having impromptu after parties in travis' backyard. it's great, we close down a bar, gather some stragglers and make a mad dash to the store to pick up beer before last call. anywho, travis is really into fire dancing and he's super good at it. he wants me to go to burning man with him, but im like, no way jose.

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