Thursday, June 7, 2012

good things happen to those who wait (for a really really really long time). scored an A- in Contracts II - and the sun it did shine upon the ass of a dog. clocked a 3.4 GPA for second semester. you dont know, but this kid is gettin hot. i mean, im just sayin...well, except for yesterday - that part where i almost cried at work, and then again on the bus ride home, and then had a face melting solo cry sesh for about an hour while IM'ing my ex-girlfriend from 7 years ago. dude, i was crying hella hard, too.  then i made a bologna sandwich on wheat, washed it down with a cold glass of 2% skim and shit was all good again. turkey bologna - it was on sale - don't hate.

in other news, my fantasy baseball team, the johnny bench trials, are dominating the 2012 season. everyone's surprised but me. they all laughed at me when i took paul konerko in the 3rd round but as of tongiht he is batting .366 with 11 round trips and 33 ribbies. who's laughing now, fellas?

johnny bench. mouth breathing. "hi coach"

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