Sunday, July 29, 2012

i had an okcupid date last night. she had mousy hair and i kept hearing this song in my head. the date went well. my game was tight. she was feelin me. i was feelin her. name's liz, from texas and she says "yall".  she was pretty wasted after 4 drinks. we were at bare bones bar, watching the olympics - women's weight lifting, which is surprisingly very entertaining. drunken kisses goodnight and she didnt invite me back to her place - which kinda sucked because for once, i was actually feelin kinda horny. 

i was supposed to go to a dinner party thing tonight to make new friends - but my right eye looks infected and i'm not sure if it's contagious. i don't want to make that kind of first impression. "do you know nick?" - "oh you mean that guy with the fucked up contagious eye from cara's dinner party?" - "yep, that's him alright!"

i downloaded high on fire's discography for biceps and shoulders today. it's time to get serious.

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