Wednesday, August 15, 2012

dog days of summer

20 more days of summer. i'm broke until pay day. a bit bored tonight. sick of okcupid. it's supposed to be in the 100's for the next few days. mike and melissa are flying in a week from tomorrow. scored a date with the barista from down the street - she's only 20 years old - but i don't even care because she's so fuckin sexy (thanks, hormones). the gym is currently my favorite thing to do (arms are getting massive). all my friends are going to burning man (weirdos). dinner tonight is brown rice, broc, can of tuna, and a protein shake (again). and i found out that my credit score is 655, which they tell me is pretty good.


  1. What you SHOULD do if you're bored,
    dear, is learn to say the Rosary.
    Say it ONCE per day...
    that'll keep you outta Hellfire.

    Make Your Choice -SAW

  2. Lissen to wisdom, earthling:
    1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, thus,
    everyone of U.S. has an indelible soul.
    While the body rots in the grave,
    the soul rises to meet their Maker.

    Thus, Death, Judgement,
    Heaven or Hell
    await U.S. all.
    And dats da fak, Jak.
    What we all should be thinking about
    everyday in this finite existence
    or at leeest in the back of our minds...
    yet, how many actually do?
    How many expect Jesus to have mercy on them when they worship the whorizontal
    and croak expecting Seventh-Heaven??
    Precisely why Im here:
    many of U.S. have completely forgotten
    our morality and mortality.

    Lissen to wisdom, earthling:
    this finite existence is only a test,
    which Almighty God has produced to see
    if we mortals have the kohoneys
    to reach Seventh-Heaven.

    Make Your Choice -SAW
    Im an NDE.
    I know what's up.