Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the most exciting thing in my life right now: baseball playoffs start this weekend. and so saturday, i'm going to the corner bar (alone) to watch the giants game.

other than that, not much to report... i grow less and less fond of law school as the days pass - the whole thing, the classes, the people - it gets tiresome and i feel out of place. am i the alien? or are they the aliens? often i wonder what will happen when i graduate. will i find a job? will i have the gumption to start my own practice? if not, will i bartend again? if so, who will put me out of my misery? maybe i should drop out and go back to my rocknroll star dreams... was i happier then? i can't remember. am i happy now? a resounding "no" screams from the chorus in my head. the chorus is full of tone deaf cynical castrati drunks, and i, their conductor, cannot read the sheet music. it's a sonic disaster these days.

i find less and less time to make the gym.  been smoking pot pretty much every night now. i'm on a brown rice and spinach kick these days, lovin every minute. i've been putting off doing laundry for about 2 weeks.

the other day, i was on the bus and a girl with a black flag t-shirt got on and sat in front of me. she was listening to her headphones, and i could hear her blasting this:
she wasnt too cute - but i still fell madly in love.

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