Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Nicholas,

I received an email from Prof. Mandiberg today advising us that she entered an incorrect raw score for one of your questions.   The initial raw score issued was higher than the correct raw score.   This error put your initial grade at B+.   She advises that the actual grade should be B.

I have corrected your grade on your transcript.   I am sorry if this proves disappointing.

If you have questions, please contact me.


actually, i do have just one question... um.. my question is: fuck you. "i am sorry if this proves disappointing"??? - hahahah - oh no, not disappointing at all. what made you think that? ... and hey mandiberg, you are a brilliant professor and i fuckin loved your class, but why do you build me up, buttercup, just to let me down?

so i ended up wandering into a bar a bit outside of my neighborhood last night. flying solo on a thursday night aint so bad. went to this place off belmont that i like, it's called the vern. i like the place because the bartenders have impeccable taste in music (which they play from their ipods), it's a 30's and 40's crowd, they let you drink out front, they have indiana jones pinball, and it's always pretty empty in there. i had a few beers and then made the acquaintance of a pretty lady. we had conversation and i bought us rounds of tacate. her name was richelle, in her mid-20's, she's czechoslovakian but raised in alaska, bartends at some joint off of mississippi, and takes classes at PCC.  she has long shiny brown hair, fair skin, full lips and soft green eyes. the convo was flowing, we inched closer and closer. after 4 or 5 rounds at the vern we walked east on belmont with plans of jello shots and darts at the triple nickle, but we never made it because we ducked into the sweet hereafter along the way. i dont care for the sweet hereafter because it's normally too busy for my taste, but last night it was nice and quiet. i switched to whiskey on rocks and she switched to pbr and tomato juice (yuck!). as closing time approached, i accepted her invitation to head back to her place for a few more drinks. so we hopped in her beat up little pick up truck and headed west. on the ride, i noted that i found it attractive that she drove a stick shift. back at her place, we sat on her porch and drank and talked. she told me that she wanted to hang out again and then she kissed me tenderly. it was the best kiss ive had in a very long time. we went into her room and made out, diddling each others parts, she undid my belt and fly, but i kept my pants on and never tried taking off hers. we passed out in the spooning position and that is how i awoke early this morning, when i quietly got dressed, left my card on her night stand, kissed her forehead and crept out without waking her. ill most likely never see her again - just two ships passing in the night. the voice in my head asks, "do you want her to call you?" and i pause, and respond, "yes, but only if tiffany isnt coming back" to which the voice offers, "well, dont hold your breath, pal"

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  1. I'll punch that mandiberg right in the mandible! That last little bit made me smile wide. Love ya!