Thursday, June 14, 2012

r. kelly and i are birds of a feather. thus, we flock together (except for when he videotaped himself peeing on a 14 year old - in that respect, we have slightly different feathers). nevertheless, like r is in the ignition (remix) video, i too, am overcome with excitement for the weekend, which for me began only hours ago and does not end until tuesday morning. plans for the weekend are numerous e.g. lisa's birthday celebration on friday (i think it's like a sushi dinner and then off to go dancing - not sure yet), river swimming on the sandy/drinking toxic amounts of tacate on saturday, and sunday im going to church (the little park down the street from my house) to be with god (the sun - which is supposed to be out all fucking weekend!!!!) and read the scriptures (currently, the tin drum written by gunther grass - note: this book is fucking amazing so far - check it out!! .... pun intended) . but tonight im free as a bird. to remedy that, i sent out some texts earlier to procure somethin fun but so far everyone is busy, broke, tired, or has not responded (sucks when you only have like 5 people you know who you would spend time with voluntarily). but that's fine, there's a bar stool down the street that knows my ass by name, ill go keep it warm and watch a ballgame. it's like they say, when the goin gets rough (i get bored on a thursday night because no one can hang out), the tough get goin (i go to a bar by myself and watch sports until im drunk enough to shoot the shit (trade dirty jokes) with the gin soaked vietnam vet sittin next to me).

have a nice and safe weekend,
love always,

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