Thursday, July 5, 2012

the 4th

i saved yesterday. initially, i decided to be reclusive and just have a quiet day to myself (like always). but something felt wrong about that, so i went to amber and lauren's bbq. oh boy am i glad about that decision. i overdosed on fun. here are some phone videos i took to preserve the memories..
amber set up her kareoke machine and this chick singing bowie fuckin killed it all night.
that's amber singing the french song. i'm in love with her. to her left is lauren. they are the cutest couple ever (i am supposed to sire their first baby). to lauren's left is shannon in the fireman's hat. shannon and i had an intense debate about Game of Thrones. i was teasing her for being such a nerd about it. the pretty red head to shannon's left is sarah. i met sarah for the first time yesterday. i was quite enchanted. we had long talks about the virtues of growing up in small towns, aesthetics and functionality in the modern design industry, basement living and mold, and southern oregon. at the end of the night, after the neighbors shut down the kareoke, we all went inside and watched America's Got Talent on the ceiling (amber has a projector that she aims at the ceiling - it's like an IMAX theatre) sarah and i were lying on the floor next to each other, our arms were touching, and we flirted. i asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said she didnt. i asked her if she would like to hang out one day, she smiled a million dollar smile at me and said she would like that. i gave her two of my cards, she put one in her purse and the other in her pocket.
my roman candle was spraying molten hot ash onto my face - that's why i kept screaming "ow" like a total wussy.
that's me in the red hat. as you can see here, i am having quite the time... fat bottomed girls really brings out the party animal in me.
i love america
towards the end of what might have been THEE best 4th of july i have ever had.

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