Wednesday, July 11, 2012

family time

driving on burnside, downtown, 5pm, coming back from pittock mansion. dad's in the backseat, i'm sittin shot gun, kymn is driving - 

dad: man, i hate this fuckin town already
me: why's that?
dad: too many fuckin people
kymn (checking her mirrors obsessively): should i be in the left or right lane?
me (to kymn): it doesn't matter, just keep goin straight
me (to dad): well, we're downtown at rush hour, dad - people tend to congregate in downtowns
dad: don't gimme that, there was a bunch of traffic in your neighborhood too!
-kymn hits the brakes a bit hard-
dad (to kymn): would you quit sightseeing and drive please?!
kymn: i wasnt sight seeing
me (pointing to Mary's as we pass): courtney love used to dance there - before she met kurt... 
-brief silence- then onto the bridge, dad notices the homeless dudes
dad: are there a lot of homeless people here?
me: there's a shelter right back there
dad: i didnt ask where the shelter was, i asked if there were a lot of homeless people in portland
me: compared to san jose, yes
dad: i'll say
kymn (sightseeing): look how pretty the river is...
me: turn right on MLK 

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