Sunday, July 8, 2012

my fantasy baseball team is no longer in first place. we're slumpin hard. and i forgot to change my starting lineup for the week so now i've got 2 pitchers who are on the DL. brian's team, the bottom of the fifths, are currently in first.

the folks (kymn and steve) are comin up this week to visit. so i'm playing tour guide for a few days. things to do in portland with parents: rose garden, powell's, lunch at a food cart, and saturday market - that's all i got. there's talk of driving out to the gorge or the coast. one or the other, but not both. i kind of want to take dad to a titty bar - he just retired and i think he would enjoy it, but unless we can keep kymn busy for a few hours, it probably won't happen. 

after their visit, i'm driving down to shady cove with them for a 5 day stay. i plan on fishing, reading, napping, and running as much as possible. initially, i was going to head back to the bay area for a week after that (which would have put me away from home for nearly 2 weeks). but i thought about it, and i'm not at all homesick right now, and the weather has finally turned summer-ry here, and well, i'd just rather be in portland...

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